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Handcase software and games - Android, Moblin, LiMo and MeeGo
  Handcase presents the first 60 applications for Android, Meego, Moblin and LiMo

The Handcase comes time to evaluating the migration of its extensive portfolio of software and games for other mobile platforms. Why Android, Moblin and LiMo? Because it is impossible to ignore the growing force of Android and because in some mobile segments, Moblin and LiMo will be the great possibility, not forgetting that the two are based on Linux, and Linux for the mobile segment is strategic.

The software will be offered as a service and the web 2.0 style.
Of the 100 applications promised the Handcase presents the first 60. Page created to provide the software, it is recommended to compare the screens of products for PalmOS (access to sections of the website) and see how easy it will be.

The software will be offered as a subscription. Users will have the resources available as skins, encrypted security, option to create their own mobile social networks, and more. Carriers can offer unique customized versions. Users will have options to access wi-fi for free, or be signed by your carrier.
The options of signing will be: free for personal users with and without advertising, paid and free for professionals and pay for companies. One of the services yet to be free for businesses, will be Co2Global, the software for management of carbon credits, the first in the world, launched in 2008 by Handcase, which will have its version to service, offered soon.

We now have over 350 products for Palm, between software and games and reach 400.
Imagine all this available to you and your device with Android, Moblin or LiMo...

  First Product for Android, Moblin, LiMo and MeeGo

With him, a click will be enough to access by yours cellphone or smartphone to access direct GUNE, to do their mobile searches. It is free! Download GUNE Launcher, choosing the option and download in your PC. In English.

<<Place the cursor on the Download link and with the right button of the mouse choose save as>>

For devices with Android Gune.Apk

For devices with Moblin and Java support:
Gune_Moblin.jar and Gune_Moblin.jad

For devices with MeeGo and Java support:
GuneMeego.jar and GuneMeego.jad

For devices with LiMo and Java support:
Gune_Limo 128 x 160.jar and Gune_Limo 128 x 160.jad
Gune_limo_240x320.jar and Gune_limo_240x320.jad


Below see of the 100 applications promised the Handcase presents the first 60 software for your new device.

To understand how they work, just select the menu option HandSoft website above and see the screens of the software for PalmOS. You have a vision of that offer in terms of resources.

For those who already have or buy softwares in the version for PalmOS, version Android and Moblin will be free.


Send e-mail to us with your views and suggestions for handcase@handycase.com

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