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  PalmOS Compatibility
Palm IIIxe - Palm VIIx - Palm Vx - Palm m105 - Palm m125 - Palm m130 - Palm m500 - Palm m505 - Palm m515
Palm i705 Zire - Zire 21 - Zire 71 - Zire 31 - Zire 72 - Zire 72s - Palm Z22 Tungsten C - Tungsten E - Tungsten E2
Tungsten T Tungsten T2 - Tungsten T3 - Tungsten T5 - Tungsten W - Tungsten TX Treo 600 - Treo 650
Treo 680 Treo 700p Treo 755p - Palm Centro - LifeDrive SPH-i300 - SPH-i350 - SPH-i500 - SPH-i550 - SGH-i530
SCH-i539 PEG-N610C PEG-N710C - PEG-NX60 - PEG-NX70V - PEG-NX73V - PEG-NX80V - PEG-NZ90 - PEG-SJ20
PEG-SJ22 - PEG-SJ30 PEG-SJ33 - PEG-SL10 - PEG-T415 - PEG-T615C - PEG-T665C - PEG-TG50 - PEG-TH55
PEG-TJ25 - PEG-TJ27 PEG-TJ35 - PEG-TJ37 - PEG-UX40 - PEG-UX50 - PEG-VZ90 Xplore G18 - Xplore G88
Xplore M28 - Xplore M68 Xplore M98 - Xplore M70 QCP-6035 - QCP-7135 - S50 - S60

See each product description the system compatibility

  Products for Other Platforms

Windows - Games
Win 95/98/2000/2003/Me/XP/Vista/Win 7

Symbian - Softwares/Games - By Access or Styletap emulator and java

Java - for all devices with Java support.

Blackberry - made in java or cod/alx

Android - apk

Bada - exe - zip

Windows Mobile - Softwares/Games - By Styletap emulator and java and cab

WebOS - Softwares/Games - By Classic emulator and ipk

Moblin, LiMo and MeeGo - with java support


MeeGo - property Nokia and Intel - LiMo project by LiMo Foundation - Symbian property of Symbian Foundation - Bada property by Samsung - Blackberry property by RIM
Android property of Google - WebOS property of Palm Inc - Windows Mobile property of Microsoft - Moblin project by Linux Foundation - PalmOS property of Access