Mobile since 2003

In a decade we have developed 149 applications for the segments: Personal, Professional, Corporate, Educational, Medical, Leisure, Security and Utilities. We produce 170 games for the segments: Casual, Board, Puzzle, Strategy, Cards, Logic, Action, Dices and BrainGames. Developed the Gune mobile search system 5 languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and French). Through the HandWidgets developed the first mobile widgets in the world in 2006. With the Handfree offer nearly the 2,000 mobile content created or produced by us as screensavers , pictures, ringtones, themes, logos, images SMS, MMS cards, wallpapers and texts. With HandWidgets developed the first mobile widgets in 2006. In 2008 we developed GameDog the first subscription system of mobile games. The HandClub was the first club to mobile users in the world, created in 2008.

The MedicHand was created to provide mobile medical applications. It provides applications into two categories:
Medical applications: 10 Applications - Surgeon, Core, Obstetrician, Paediatrician, Psycho, Medicate, MedicPedia, Doctor, Dentist and HandBullary. Applications of health related to general users. 3 Applications - Body, Diet and Medicate. Mobile solutions based on known mobile software Handcase.

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Are mobile social networks, based on the known mobile software Handcase. Attend the professional, personal and corporate users, and will run on all mobile platforms. Will be available in Portuguese and English. Imagine Traveling sharing travel experiences with friends, or the Powerful with their tuning settings. Imagine 60 applications with powerful features, with sharing option now for all platforms and mobile devices.

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